Research & Projects

Professor Stephen Sheppard’s research is focused on climate change planning, outreach, and community engagement; visioning methods and visualization of climate change causes, impacts, and mitigation/adaptation; low-carbon future scenarios visualized in the CIRS’ BC Hydro Decision Theatre; community energy planning, renewables, and energy literacy; public perceptions, aesthetics and sustainability; urban forestry and social aspects of forest management.


  • Future visioning of local climate change scenarios with integrated geomatics/ visualization systems. (2009-12) PI: Stephen R.J. Sheppard.
  • Geomatics for Informed Decisions (GEOIDE)
  • Future Delta 2 (videogame project)
  • Community Energy Guide
  • RAC study of Delta – flood management scenarios
  • Kimberley Visioning Project
  • REIBC Retrofit Challenge – a study