The following is a list of selected publications by Dr. Stephen Sheppard and colleagues at the Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning, UBC.  For a full list of publications please click here.



Sheppard, S.R.J., David Flanders, Alison Shaw, Sarah Burch, Olaf Schroth. (2013). Bringing Climate Change Science to the Landscape Level: Canadian Experience in Using Landscape Visualisation Within Participatory Processes for Community Planning. Taylor and Francis Chapter 7, in Bojie Fu and Bruce Jones (Eds) Landscape Ecology for Sustainable Environment and Culture, pp 121143.

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Burch, S., Stephen Sheppard, Ellen Pond, and Olaf Schroth (2013). Climate change visioning – Effective processes for advancing the policy and practice of local adaptation. London, Routledge. Chapter 16, in Susanne C. Moser and Maxwell T. Boykoff (eds.). 2013. Toward Successful Adaption: Linking Science and Practice in Managing Climate Change Impacts.

Cohen, Stewart, Stephen Sheppard, Alison Shaw, David Flanders, Sarah Burch, Bill Taylor, David Hutchinson, Alex Cannon, Stuart Hamilton, Brent Burton and Jeff Carmichael (2012). Downscaling and visioning of mountain snow packs and other climate change implications in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Springer Mitigation Adaptation Strategies for Global Change. 2012. 17:2549



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S.R.J. Sheppard and Petr Cizek (2009). The Ethics of Google-Earth: Crossing thresholds from spatial data to landscape visualization. Elsevier Journal of Environmental Management 90: 21022117



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Sheppard, S.R.J., E. Pond and D. Flanders. (2010). Retrofitting the British Properties for Climate Change. Real Estate Institute Input, Winter 2010, Vol 38, Number 1, pp 2428


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